The Rashid Hospital in Dubai has launched a vaccination campaign for adults.

Health professionals responded to public questions and provided information on the importance of vaccinating adults as part of the campaign.

Dr. Laila Al Dabal, director of the Infectious Diseases Department at Rashid Hospital, said: “It is (a) a misconception that adults do not need vaccinations because they are vaccinated in childhood. Studies have shown that not all vaccines are effective for life – the general one.” A vaccine can last anywhere from a year to 10 years.

“For example, a flu vaccine is an annual vaccine and is given during the flu season. Similarly, a booster dose of some vaccines taken during childhood must be taken in adulthood to induce immunity.”

Al Dabal added that some vaccines offer life-long immunity. “Chickenpox vaccination as a child provides lifelong immunity, so it is important for adults to see a doctor and get the vaccinations they got as a child so the doctor can guide them with the vaccines they may need.”

She added that immunocompromised individuals, people over 65 years of age, children under 12 years of age, pregnant women, people with cancer or terminal diseases, and people with chronic diseases (such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or respiratory disease) are at “high risk as individuals” and they should consult their doctor about the vaccines they need to be taking.

Before traveling, individuals should ensure that they receive their vaccines at least 10 days in advance for them to be effective. Adults traveling abroad or on a pilgrimage such as Haj, Umrah, or any other pilgrimage where a mass gathering is held must take certain vaccines such as the meningococcal vaccine.

The DHA’s travel clinics are located in Al Mankhool and the Al Barsha Health Center. The clinics are open from Sunday to Thursday from 7.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

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