The staff of Ichigo Takano’s Orange Shōjo Manga live-action film unveiled the film’s poster on Wednesday. The poster shows the protagonist Takamiya Naho (Tao Tsuchiya) in both her current 16-year-old and her future 26-year-old self.

The text on the poster reads:

I received a letter in the spring of my sophomore year. The sender was my future me.

The letter of ten years in the future will change my shy “present”.

The staff also revealed a production from the film in which Takemiya Naho and Kakeru Naruse (Kento Yamazaki) held a letter.

Seven Seas Entertainment will publish the original manga in North America and describes the story of the manga:

Everyone has regrets in life. So who wouldn’t take the chance to change the past if given the chance? When 16-year-old Takamiya Naho receives a mysterious letter claiming to be from her 27-year-old self, her life suddenly begins to move. The letter tells her that a new transfer student named Naruse Kakeru will come into her class to keep an eye on him. But why? Naho must decide what to do with the letter and its cryptic warning and what it means not only for her future, but also for Kakerus.

The movie’s official website previously revealed the movie’s main cast:

Tao Tsuchiya (live-action Rurouni Kenshin, Library Wars) as Naho Takamiya, the shy protagonist of the manga, who receives a letter from herself in 10 years.

Kento Yamazaki (Kyō, Koi o Hajimemasu, live-action series Death Note) as Kakeru Naruse, the lonely boy with whom Naho has a crush and whom Naho must save.

Ryō Ryūsei (Zyūden Sentai Kyoryuger) as Haruto Suwa, the soccer player who has feelings for Naho even though he supports her relationship with Kakeru

Hirona Yamazaki (Takashi Miike’s live-action As the Gods Will) as Takako Chino, the cool big sister-type classmate

Dōri Sakurada (Ryōma of the Prince of Tennis Musicals) as Saku Hagita, the strange, geeky classmate

Kurumi Shimizu (The Kirishima Thing) as Azusa Murasaka, the group’s mood maker

Mitsujirō Hashimoto (Sprout) is directing the film after its Suzuki Sensei series won Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association’s highest live-action series award, Galaxy Awards, and other awards. Orange is his first feature film on the director’s chair. Arisa Kaneko (Densha Otoko film, Helter Skelter) wrote the scripts, and Yoshihide Otomo (Amachan, live-action Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru) composed the music. Filming takes place from late August to early October at sprawling locations in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture – the real-life setting of the original manga.

The film will be completed in mid-November and will open across Japan on December 12th.

Takano (Yume Miru Taiyō) started the shōjo manga in Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine in 2012, but moved to Futabasha’s Monthly Action magazine in 2013. Takano will finish the manga in the October issue of Monthly Action on August 25th. Futabasha published the fourth Compiled Volume of the Manga on February 20. The series has printed more than 1.6 million copies. The manga series ranks 5th in the list of 15 recommended manga by Bookstores of the Honya Club for 2015.

Crunchyroll publishes the manga digitally in English. Seven Seas plans to publish the series in two edited volumes, each compiling 2.5 of the Japanese volumes.

Source: Comic Natalie

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