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EcoPoxy GlowPoxy Vs Liquid Plastic

Sep 28

If you've been wondering what the distinction is between EcoPoxyand Liquid Plastic, look for the answer. EcoPoxy GlowPoxy is a special epoxy that has photo-luminescent elements that extend the duration of the glow and brightness. The glow can be generated by any light source , and can be applied to nearly any surface. Its unique formula is completely free of impurities or fillers and is suitable for every kind of work.


ECOPOXY is a leader worldwide in the field of high bio-based epoxy resins. The products offered by the company include a full range of the latest in epoxy laminating and finishing products. The resins are engineered to be versatile and provide superior performance in a variety of surface applications.

GlowPoxy is a two-part epoxy resin that glows in darkness. Both the two components absorb sunlight during daylight , and then release it in the evening. The finished product will shine in darkness due to this. The product can be applied via spray, brush or roller. When applying the product, make sure that you wear gloves as well as a mask in order to avoid contact with your skin.

Ecopoxy GlowPoxy comes in a variety of colors. It can be used to coat or cast. It is an odorless, non-conductive resin derived from plants. It can bond many substances and is extremely flexible. It can form a solid at any thickness without air gaps or bubbles.

Art resin is more secure than other epoxy resins, and it is less harmful. It is easy to work with and is available in two pieces ecopoxy and one part Art. The two components are combined in an 1:1 ratio. Both Ecopoxy resin and Art resin are both plant-based and environmentally friendly and have a distinct advantage in the present day world of sustainability.

Art resin

EcoPoxy GlowPoxy is a green healthy, high-quality art material that is suitable for various applications. It is water-resistant and contains UV stabilizers. The resin also has an HALS additive that prevents yellowing. It is also a high-quality material, which means that it will preserve the clarity of your project for a longer period of time. There are two options for this: a starter set and an studio set. The starter kit can be used to complete a single project, whereas the studio kit can be used for many projects. The art resin protects the project from water damage. It is also able to keep the project clean for longer time periods.

Ecopoxy GlowPoxy art resin is composed of a synthetic resin that is non-toxic that is easier to work with. It's a great choice for artists because it has a 1:1 ratio between water and resin. Ecopoxy GlowPoxy is safe and biodegradable, in contrast to other epoxy resins. It is tintable using pigments to create a variety of effects.

Liquid Plastic

Liquid plastic is an epoxy that shines when it is dark. This exclusive formulation is made up of photo luminescent ingredients that increase its brightness and glow duration. When applied to a surface, this epoxy absorbs light energy from any light source and then releases it back into the dark. It's safe to apply on all surfaces, and has no fillers or impurities, unlike other epoxy forms.

Liquid Plastic EcoPoxy Glowpoxy, a solvent-free epoxy, has a nearly indefinite shelf life. Its main ingredient that is bio-based is what makes it an excellent choice for those who are concerned about the environment. This epoxy is safe to use in food contact surfaces, but it should not be exposed to intense sunlight, or humidity.


EcoPoxy GloPoxy, a luminescent epoxy of top quality that glows even in dark It is made of the top-quality materials. It uses advanced ingredients that emit light to maximize glow brightness and duration. It absorbs light energy and releases it when the surface becomes dark. It can be charged with any source of light, but prefers the UV and visible light spectrum as well as LED lights and high-wattage bulbs. The high-performance formula is perfect for both interior and exterior applications, and it is able to be applied to nearly any surface.

EcoPoxy GloPoxy comes in two varieties: UVPoxy or Flowcast. Both are suitable to be coated or cast. The latter looks similar to liquid glass, and offers an attractive, long-lasting finish. UVPoxy is ideal to use for coating. GloPoxy, on the other side, is comprised of high-quality photoluminescent components. It is suitable for both interior and outdoor use.

EcoPoxy GelCoat, a high-performance epoxy resin, is resistant to thermal and abrasion as well as chemical damages. EcoPoxy GelCoat is applied using a brush , or spraying it, which leaves a smooth, high-gloss finish. It's easy to use and dry quickly. It's compatible with laminating systems.

EcoPoxy GloPoxy is an environmentally friendly product. Its unique ingredients, that are non-toxic and bio-based makes it an eco sustainable product. The UV-curable technology ensures that your environmentally friendly product will not fade, yellow, or crack. These unique properties make it a perfect option for projects that require transparent, clear finishes. The high-performance epoxy can be used for a variety of purposes and can be used to coat, cast, or even encapsulate memories. The EcoPoxy GloPoxy product line offers a wide range of colors that will meet your any need.

Shelf life

EcoPoxy GlowPoxy Epoxies are safe, VOC and BPA-free. It's priced at a competitive price with other products. EcoPoxy is FDA-compliant and is able to withstand extreme temperatures.

The EcoPoxy GlowPoxy's shelf life is 2 years. To maximize shelf life, store EcoPoxy GlowPoxy inside an airtight container. This product is purchased on the internet or in retail shops around the globe. For more information about its shelf life and availability, check out the EcoPoxy website.

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